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Metcon (Time)

Teams Of 4

Station One: 2K Row

One teammate rows as the other holds an 95#/65# barbell at the top of the DL position.

When the person holding the bar drops the bar the partners must switch.

Station Two: 200 Push Ups

One teammate does the push ups as the other hangs from the pull up bar.

When the person hanging from the bar drops then the partners must switch.


Same format as the above WODs. Decide which teammates will be the best for the listed WODs. Two teammates will complete Team Annie and two teammates will complete Team Fran.

TEAM Annie:

Two Teammates: One teammate working at a time!


Double Unders and Sit-Ups

TEAM Fran:

Two Teammates: One teammate working at a time!


Thursters and Pull-Ups

All this is for time!!

***40min time Cap

Cool Down