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Overhead Banded Barbell Carry (3 x 1 25ft carry)

Today we are working on overhead Strength: Each athlete will complete three, 25 foot Overhead Barbell Kettlebell Carries. Instructions on setup: 1. Rack a barbell on the squat stand. 2. Grab two light kettle bells and attach one KB to each end of the barbell with either the green or blue resistance bands. 3. With the barbell on your back facing the direction you plan to walk- behind the neck press the barbell overhead. Athletes should place hands about mid-way between your snatch grip and clean grip. 4. Walk 25 feet to the other squat rack stabilizing the barbell overhead. 5. Rerack and repeat. Enter the load carried as lbs (barbell weight + KB weight)

Scaling options: If you can’t stabilize the barbell and walk- athletes should try isometric holds overhead from the pull-up rig. Do three, 30 second overhead holds at a challenging weight.
Be Cautious turning around!!

Rx Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCmND9FbY4k

Scale Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X-3CG-zUrs


Metcon (Time)

FREAKY “Linda”

This workout should take athletes NO LONGER then 30 min. Set up takes about 5-8 mins.

Rep Scheme:



-Sumo Deadlift (1 1/2 BW)

-Cluster (60% BW)

*Athletes will Perform 10/8 calorie row between EACH set. The number of calories stays the same between all sets.

* Run 200m Only if there isn’t enough rowers.

*Note load for each movement.
This is going to be so fun!!

Cluster video


Cool Down