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Barbell Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squats (3×10)

For a challenge on the split squats try this modification. Do one full rep, come halfway up, go back down again, and come all the way up. That’s one rep. This significantly increases the time under tension and can be great for packing some muscle on your quads. Again, these burn. Consider yourself warned.

Women should start with an empty 35lb bar. Men with 65lb.

Record your heaviest set of 10 for each movement START WITH WEAKER LEG!


Seriously? (Time)

20 Back squats (185/135)

Row 3000/2500 meters

20 Back squats (185/135)

Cash Out

Hollow V-ups (Time)

5 rds:

10 Hollow Rocks

10 V-Ups

10 Tuck Ups

10 sec. Hollow Rock Hold

– Rest 1 min between rds –