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Barbell Row (4×8 (3sec Pause at the top))

No wild wings! Not a full body movements


Ball breaker!! (Time)


-Unbroken Double Unders (2x singles scale)

-Unbroken Wallballs (20/14)

*Athletes will do 5 supinated (palms facing) grip pull-ups every time they break the doubleunders OR wall balls. Pick back up where you left off on the wall balls after completing the pullup penalty.

RX+ Any athlete that completes all sets straight through unbroken and fails to incur the pullup penalty is Rx+!

Cash Out

Partner Leg Raises (3×20)

Partner A lays on the ground and holds on to Partners B ankles. Partner A then raises leg and Partner B pushes Partners A’s legs down and Partners A’s goal is not to touch the floor then repeat.
GReat ex. https://youtu.be/2owf3NTjGzk