CrossFit Bridgemill – POWER Kids

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Power KIds Warm up #4 (No Measure)

3 min rope

Broad jumps


Bear Crawl

20 sit ups

20 squats

Back Squat (3×5)



Go over proper form and practice with pvc

Go over burpee broad jumps

PK Thrusters and Burpees (Time)



Burpee Broad Jumps

Death by 40′ (rounds of 2) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Death by 40′ (sprints) Increase by 2, start at 2.

In the first minute run 2 – 40′ lengths, in the second minute run 4, in the third run 6, then 8. You stop as soon as you cannot complete all runs in the minute.

Scoring will be down by rounds and reps.

Rounds will be the round you got to. So 2 runs is round 1, 4 is round 2, 6 = 3. And then reps is the number you completed in that round. So if you got to the round of 12, your rounds score is 6. If you got 10 runs done in that round, your reps are 10.

Cool Down