PK WOD 8.11.15

CrossFit Bridgemill – POWER Kids

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POWER Kids Warm-up (No Measure)

bear crawl down

3 cartwheels

10 mountain climbers

10 squats

karaoke down and back

side shuffle down and back

Repeat 3x


Work on squats

Chest up, weight on heels, bottoms low

Let’s practice slow squats

And squat holds in bottom of squats

(Use a kb and keep chests up)

Let’s also practice squatting in front of the wall without hands touching, but chest remains lifted.

Back Squat (3×5)

Find a weight that works for 5 reps and use that weight for all 3 sets.

Annie (Time)

2:1 singles for doubles

Ex. 100-80-60-40-20

Cool Down