BB Club 11.8.15

CrossFit Bridgemill – Barbell Club

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Barbell Club Warmup #1 (No Measure)

Catalyst Athletics Standard Warmup

Row 500m

Wrist Circles 10-15

Elbow Circles 10-15 each direction

Arm Circles 10-15 each direction

Over and Back 10-15

Arm Rotations 10-15

Tricep Stretch Side Bends 10-15

Torso Rotations 10-15

Bow and Bend 10-15

Hip Circles 10-15

Iron Cross 10-15 each leg

Scorpion 10-15 each leg

Walking Lunge and Twist 10-15

Spiderman Lunge 10-15

Walking RDL and Leg Swing each leg

Kossack 10-15 each side

Heal Toe and Drop Lunge 10-15

Ankle Stretch and Squat Knee Circles 10-15

Push Press (10RM Then 2X10 @ 90%)

Back Squat (5X5 @ 80%)

Barbell Lunge (back rack position) (16X3)

Rack the barbell in the back and lunge
8 Each Leg

Pull-ups (4X10)

4 Sets of 10 reps Strict