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Need a stocking stuffer? Wanna give a friend the gift of good health? Have a family member that would love CrossFit? YOU NEED OUR BLACK FRIDAY DEAL! For one day only, you can buy a $100 gift certificate to CrossFit BridgeMill for just $20. These gift certificates can be used by new members only and are good towards our Fundamentals class ($59 for 10 basics/intro classes) and/or towards membership! All you have to do is buy one (one per friend, as many friends as you want!) and just don’t tell ’em you only spent $20! Here’s a real life example of how it works: Right way: Dad buys 2 gift certificates for $20 each. Gives one to co-worker and one to daughter. Co-worker joins CrossFit and loses 200 pounds. Daughter joins CrossFit and goes on to win CrossFit Games. Both give credit to Dad. Wrong way: Dad buys 2 gift certificates for $20 each. Gives both to same co-worker. CrossFit only honors one gift certificate. Co-worker is mad. Fires Dad. To buy your gift certificates, stop by the gym for our Black Friday classes (9:30 am or 5:30 pm) or click here to buy online! SALE BEGINS 12:00 am on Black Friday. Ends at midnight EST.   Order Online NOTE: When you place your order it says your gift certficiates will be ready to pick up in 1 minute. Of course, you can only pick them up during regular class...

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Yo! We’ve got a Groupon going on! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Get them into the box with us! Click the link below to share it with your...

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Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

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After you hit a particularly hard WOD do you reward yourself with a Venti Caramel Frappuccino with double whip? Or say, “Hey, I can have super-sized fries for dinner, I did Cindy 456 times today.”? Gulp. We think what you put in your body is as important as what you do to your body during every WOD. This Wednedsay, June 11 at 7:30pm we are hosting a Nutrition class to give all the details of what we believe brings the most health and life to your body. Dr. Eric Richards (co-owner & healthy-living extraordinaire) will pour out a ton of wisdom about sugar, insulin levels, your hormones, toxicity in your body and more. Plus, you’ll get an intro to the healing foods diet which is part of our big 60 Day Turnaround coming in the fall. If you’re ready to take your healthy lifestyle to another (great) level, you wanna be there on Wednesday! If you have any questions, ask a coach this week or leave a comment here! {Oh, and because we’re having this class at 7:30, the 7:00pm class will be moved up to 6:30pm!!)...

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New Class Time!!!

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You’ve asked and we’ve delivered! We’re adding a new class just for you! On Monday, Wednesday and Friday ONLY, wake up, roll out of bed, pull on some semi-matched workout clothes and join us at 6:30 am. That’s right, leave the kids and your spouse in bed, don’t shave, don’t put on any makeup. Just grab your shoes and get out the door. To see all our class times click over to our Class Times...

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The Super Fun That Is the Grand Opening…

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Tomorrow’s Grand Opening is gonna be…wait for it…grand! Here’s how it’s gonna go down: At 9am, we’ll do our first free WOD.  When that’s done, we’ll giveaway the first of about 16 prizes–stuff like massages, tshirts, natural skincare products, gift cards and more. Y’all. Seriously. It’s awesomesauce. After you’ve recuperated, you can eat snag a free organic, grass-fed, uncured hotdog with freshly baked buns from The Real Bread Company. Or you can jump in the Dunk Truck to get your fat/lean mass measured. (That one’s gonna cost you a bit of your own cash, though.) If you’re up for another dose o’ fun, we’ll have another WOD at 10:30 and at noon. And of course, more giveaways. The best part is at 1pm when our coaches, Jessica, Les, Joe, Dr. Eric and special guest Brandon Phillips (Jessica’s husband, CrossFit Games competitor and owner of CrossFit Bound) do a Coaches only WOD. That is going to be sheer entertainment, folks. PLUS, we’ve got a jumpy thing for the kids! AND the first 50 folks who show up get a swag bag full of some of our favorite products and resources! But wait! There’s more! We will be offering the best and most awesome deal ever on new memberships. If you have a significant other, family member or friend who’s been holding off on CrossFit because of the cost, this is the time for them to join! And if you’re already a member with a long-term contract, we’ll be extending some of these great deals to you! It is a win-win-win-win-win-win! Dr. Eric and Les will be available to talk with you about the details of your membership. So. How can you say no to that?! Grab a friend and stop by tomorrow, Saturday, November 9 from 9am-1pm. See you...

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Grand Opening

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Is it on your calendar? Circled in red?! This Saturday, November 9 from 9am-1pm is our Grand Opening! Y’all, it’s going to be amazing—swag bags for the first 50 folks to arrive, games for the kids, giveaways (like really good giveaways) every 15 minutes and 3 free WODs, including a Coaches only WOD! Invite your friends, bring your neighbor and tell everyone you know about the body and life change you’ve experienced through CrossFit and CrossFit BridgeMill! See you there, right?! :: :: ::     {official press release below} NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Les White 3542 Sixes Road Suite 102 Canton, GA. 30114 770-696-6455 CrossFit BridgeMill Grand Opening Get Fit, CrossFit Style…Fitter,Faster,Stronger Canton, GA. (November 5, 2013) —- CrossFit Bridgemill is proud to announce their Grand Opening Event on Saturday, November 9 between 9am-1pm. Located at 3542 Sixes Road and conveniently located in the BridgeMill area of Canton, the CrossFit Bridgemill owners and coaches would like to invite you to come and check it out. Open to the whole family, come take a tour, meet the coaches, see what CrossFit is all about and of course get a work out in. Workouts are scheduled for 9am, 10:30am and 12pm. There will be a pull-up clinic for members at 10:30am. Activities for kids, giveaways every 15 minutes from sponsors and free refreshments will add to the grand opening fun. Included in the giveaways are free membership, massages and more. Be one of the first ones there. The first 50 people will get a swag bag full of goodies. The sponsors for this event are Health Sprout, Quest, Juice Plus and The Garage games. For more information, go to: See other promotional offers and information on how to join CrossFit BridgeMill. CrossFit: CrossFit combines Olympic weightlifting, cardiovascular conditioning, and elements of gymnastics for all skill levels and ages. It is not a traditional gym, in fact, as soon as you walk through the doors you will not find the machines that fill the typical gyms, it is an open space with gymnastic rings, pull-up racks and other associated fitness gear hanging from the ceiling. Crossfit is creative and effective fitness with results. Crossfit is a method used frequently by military, firefighters and law enforcement and can be adapted to any fitness level. It is a workout that includes constantly varied functional movements that aim to increase muscular strength, cardio-vascular endurance and flexibility. Founded in 2000, the program is practiced by members of approximately 7,000 affiliated gyms. # #...

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Monday’s WOD & 60 Day Turnaround

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This is gonna be a day!! First of all, our 7pm WOD is gonna be moved to 6:30 tonight so we can have our 60 Day Turnaround class at 7:15. It will be easy peasy for you to come workout at 6:30 and then stay for the 60 Day Turnaround. This intro class is FREE and you can bring a friend or your whole neighborhood if you want! Now, onto today’s workout: We’ll be working on our deadlifts for strength training. Then, for the WOD, it’s one of those 21-15-9 things with a Hang Power Cleans and Box Jumps. Yikes. See. You’re gonna have to stay for the 60 Day Turnaround tonight. You won’t be able to move to get out the door before the class...

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60 Day Turnaround

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There’s more to life than CrossFit. I know, it’s hard to believe. In fact, for the owners and coaches at CrossFit Bridgemill, there is more they want for you than just coming to CrossFit three times a week. No, it’s not some crazy cult thing. They want you to have full health–understanding and desiring nutritious food that will help your body perform to it’s fullest. So, now that you’ve sweated and seen your body get stronger in the gym, wanna take it to another level and change your diet? We want to help! We will be joining Dr. Eric (one of the owners of CrossFit Bridgemill) and his chiropractic practice, Healthsprout in the 60 Day Turnaround. In 60 days, you will be led through information about nutrition–including the paleo diet, Maximized Living and more. You’ll learn about toxins and how to eliminate them from your body. There are weekly classes, movie nights and even shopping trips to Trader Joe’s! You can read all the details (including some sweet add-0ns) at the HealthSprout site. The best part is, if you’re a member of CrossFit Bridgemill you’ll receive a discounted rate of $49 for the 60 days–instead of the normal $99 price. The FREE introductory class is September 16 at 7:15pm at CrossFit Bridgemill and the 60 days begins September 23rd. This 60 Day Turnaround isn’t just a thing we want you to do. We know it works, because it’s how CrossFit Bridgemill began. Les, co-owner was diagnosed with diverticulitis at the beginning of 2012. He began a total body makeover with Dr. Eric, including the Maximized Living healing foods diet and a regular CrossFit regiment. It changed his body and his life and he was so passionate about it, he wanted to bring this change to others. Don’t believe it? Here’s his before and after picture… So, bring a friend and sign up today! We cannot wait to do this 60 days with you!...

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Wod & the Beast

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Has anyone recovered from that Labor Day WOD? Do you feel like a hero? Well, you should! Wednesday’s WOD should make you feel like a beast. (Literally. Just keep reading.) We’ll be doing a 12 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of: 5 Clean and Jerks (70% of your heaviest 2 rep-max Jerk) 40 foot bear crawl 10 Toes To Bar 40 foot bear crawl See? Beast? Bear Crawl? Get it? Huh? Huh?! Of course, before this even begins we’ll have our typical our-warm-up-is-harder-than-your-silly-workout warmup and strength conditioning of Push Jerks (Push jerks? I know a few I’d like to push around… KIDDING!). OK. That’s all, folks!...

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Labor Day WOD

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In honor of Labor Day we’re having a special labor-intensive (as if that’s something new!) WOD at 10am. No other regular classes are scheduled. Everybody’s gonna be there–you should,...

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