Jessica Phillips at the CrossFit Games Team Competition

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Our head coach, Jessica Denney Phillips is at the CrossFit Games in California this week. She is part of Team CrossFit Atlanta and we’ve been keeping our eye on everything happening hoping to catch a glimpse of her! Today was the first day of team competitions and the first event was a crazy one with the “worm”–a series of logs roped together and carried by the entire team on their shoulders. It took the fastest team 25 minutes to get it through the course! Team Atlanta came in at…*gulp* 40th. The next event was the Iditarod. Or what normal people call a dog sled. Two team members (one guy and one girl) are hooked to the sled a la huskies and then they pull it loaded with 135 pounds across 66 yards. Team Atlanta came in 18th. The second round was 180 pounds on the sled and they made it in at 22nd. Finally the third round, with 225 pounds on the sled (and did we mention the sled weighs 170 pounds? Yikes!) begins and who is at the head of our little dog sled? Jessica! This was the last leg, the heaviest weight and after viewing the first two rounds with athletes bear crawling just to make it to the end, everyone was holding their breath to see how this one would go. When the final scores came through Team Atlanta, led by Jessica came in 5th place! Pulling their team ranking to 27th out of 40-some-odd teams! We’re proud of you, Jessica and are cheering you on from the ATL! You can check out the rest of the CrossFit Games online or on ESPN3 this weekend.  Here’s the team schedule from the CrossFit Games website: Let us know if you see Jessica or if you think you’d like to the Games one...

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Meet Dr. Eric

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Ready to meet more of our super fabulous coaches? Dr. Eric Richards is not only a coach, but part owner of CrossFit BridgeMill. Plus, he’s a fount of healthy living knowledge and has been CrossFitting since the beginning of time. (Not that he’s old. He’s not! He’s just an early adopter.) Here we go… Us: What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Dr. Eric: The farthest I have been from home in a literal sense is Austria.  But I think the farthest I have felt from home was 20 hours into a race in Kentucky, with hypothermia setting in, somewhat lost in the woods, falling asleep on my mountain bike in the middle of the night.  That felt really far. Us: When you’re not lifting heavy things above your head, what relaxing hobbies do you have? Dr. Eric: Huh.  Is that a trick question?  I don’t believe I have a relaxing hobby.  I enjoy spending time with my girls, but I can’t say we relax… they ride horses, and it is somewhat relaxing for me to watch.  Otherwise, I find a date night with my wife to be relaxing, and we try to do those weekly.  So let’s go with that! Us: What advice do you have for a CrossFit newbie? Dr. Eric: Embrace the discomfort.  Whether it be soreness, or lack of ability to do a movement, or a skill that is lacking.  Simply embrace all that is uncomfortable.  I have been in this world long enough to realize that those who simply embrace all that is hard, will always achieve their goals.  Even if these goals seem ridiculously far out there.  Weight loss, fitness accomplishments, they are all possible through CrossFit.  You just have to want it enough. Us: What’s something we might not know about you? Dr. Eric: I’ve got a lot of great stories, but I think the most current thing about me is that I love to paint.  No not walls or ceilings.  Paintings.  My girls are very creative, so we go out and paint somewhat regularly.  I do enjoy that, so I guess we could inject this in as number 2 above as well! Us: What’s your food splurge? Dr. Eric:  Ice cream.  I have always loved it, but of course now I make my own, and have done so with raw milk, fresh organic strawberries and whole leaf stevia.  The product of which is fantastic, and really not on the unhealthy side.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t see me at Bruster’s once in awhile! Thank you, Dr. Eric! You lift heavy objects and paint! Who knew?! And if we see you at Brusters, we’ll try not to pass out from amazement! If you have a question for Dr. Eric or wanna talk painting techniques, leave a comment below! Don’t forget–all classes are free this week! Check out our hours & meet Dr. Eric for...

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It’s been a long crazy week with last-minute deliveries, inspections and more. And there may be a few little things that need to be brushed up, but overall we’re ready! Ready to open! Ready to get fit! Our hours THIS WEEK, June 15-21, 2013: Saturday 11am (Our first class ever! You know you want to be there!!) Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:30am 9:30am 12noon 5:30pm 7pm Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am 9:30am 12noon 5:30pm 6:30pm Oh, and did we mention all classes this week are FREE?!! Just come on in and see what we’re all about. And if you don’t love us…well, we can’t imagine that happening, so we’ll see you soon! Keep your eyes open for our next week’s class schedule and if you have a suggestion for a permanent class time, please let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page. We want to make this work for you!  ...

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Meet Joe

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Time for our 2nd get-to-know-our-coaches interview! Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Joe Drury! Joe is a husband, dad and super smart computer-type guy. Here’s what Joe had to say to our fabulous five questions… Us: What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Joe: I spent 3 weeks in Frankfurt, West Germany. It was a work related trip but while I was there I was able to visit Cologne and Heidelberg and practice my some of my high school German. Us: When you aren’t lifting heavy objects above your head, what relaxing hobbies do you do? Joe: I’m pretty busy with my family and I also play guitar. Us: Any advice you’d give a CrossFit newbie? Joe: Don’t let the CrossFit beasts and firebreathers intimidate you. CrossFit is for everyone. Be consistent and the results will come. Us: Something we probably don’t know about you… Joe: I’ve spent the last year playing guitar and bass in a praise and worship band called The Church on the Street Band where we feed the homeless in downtown Atlanta and play music. Us: And your favorite food splurge… Joe: Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Creme Doughnut and a Coffee with Cream (editor’s note: YUM.) Thank you, Joe! (Don’t you like him already?) If you’ve got a question or wanna chat about doughnuts, leave a comment for Joe...

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Meet Samara

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Ready to meet some of our coaches? These are the people that will be holding your hand, wiping your brow directing you , pushing your to your limit and leading you every step of the way through your CrossFit adventure. Our first introduction is Samara Warrick. Since she recently graduated from Life College with her doctorate in Chiropractic, you can call her Dr. Samara. We tracked the busy doctor down and asked her a few questions. Just a few little things to help you click with Dr. Samara even when she’s making you work AGAIN. FASTER. Us: So, Samara…er, Dr. Samara, what’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Dr. Samara: Europe Us: When you aren’t lifting heavy objects above your head, what relaxing hobbies do you do? Dr. Samara: Read books, play volleyball, run, adjust people (believe it or not – that’s relaxing!) Us: What’s your advice for a newbie CrossFit-er? Dr. Samara: Don’t get discouraged. Those awkward movements will become functional eventually.. Possibly even your favorite things to PR in! (editor’s note: PR means “personal record”) Us: Tell us something we might not know about you… Dr. Samara: I have an obsession for animals, puppies are my weakness!  Us: And your favorite food splurge? Dr. Samara: Sushi!!! Thank you, Dr. Samara! If you’ve got anything in common with Samara or have a question, leave a comment...

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We’re so glad you’re here and are excited about bringing CrossFit to BridgeMill. CrossFit BridgeMill will be open in just a few short weeks. So, while you’re waiting, click around our site to get to know us, follow us on your favorite social media site and get ready for some CrossFit-goodness coming soon! Please leave a comment or give us a call if you have a question. And keep checking back as we continue to update and announce our grand...

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