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CF Lite 9 (No Measure)

Relay Day: for classes of 6 or smaller, go one at a time, over 6 break up into two groups, and go two people at a time, over 12, three groups…

Carry Wall ball from one side, and drop it off at the wall sprint back and tag, second person, third, continue going until you have placed, then retrieved your wall ball FOUR times.

Rest a few minutes, not specific, but whole class has same rest.

Run from one side to the rig, perform 3 Ring Rows, 3 burpees where you jump to touch the rig, 3 sit-ups, and run back, also do this four times before the team takes a rest.

Rest a few minutes.

All line up across the near side, 6 Minutes of bear crawl down, burpee broad jump back, walking lunge down, crab walk back, and repeat for 6 minutes.

Use remaining class time to hold squat therapy tabata. Hold for 20 seconds, rest for 10 (standing).