CF Lite 12.17.15

CrossFit Bridgemill – CrossFit Lite

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CF Lite 2 (3 Rounds for reps)

11 Minute AMRAP of – 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Jumping Lunges, run 400M (4 rep count for last round, every 100M), 16 SDLHP 35/20 KB, 10 Push-ups

Rest 3 Minutes

11 Minute AMRAP ROW 400M, 10 Box Steps, 10 Jumping Jacks, 50 Single Unders, Row counts meter for meter in last round.

Rest 3 Minutes

11 Minute AMRAP – Burpee Broad Jump there and back until 4 minutes (each direction is 1 rep), then the remaining 7 minutes run there and back, bear crawl there and back, crab walk there and back. 1 rep for each there and back, 3 reps for each complex. Total the reps for the final 11 Minute AMRAP.

Each AMRAP scored separately.