Monday’s WOD & 60 Day Turnaround

crossfit bridgemill canton ga

This is gonna be a day!!

First of all, our 7pm WOD is gonna be moved to 6:30 tonight so we can have our 60 Day Turnaround class at 7:15. It will be easy peasy for you to come workout at 6:30 and then stay for the 60 Day Turnaround. This intro class is FREE and you can bring a friend or your whole neighborhood if you want!

Now, onto today’s workout:

We’ll be working on our deadlifts for strength training.

Then, for the WOD, it’s one of those 21-15-9 things with a Hang Power Cleans and Box Jumps. Yikes.

See. You’re gonna have to stay for the 60 Day Turnaround tonight. You won’t be able to move to get out the door before the class starts.