Our Coaches

Hope Smith, Head Coach

hope bio pic.jpgHope has been in the fitness industry for over 8 years and was introduced to CrossFit 5 years ago. Hope is married with three children and they all lead a very active lifestyle–including baseball, dance and more. As a child, Hope’s mother was always ill, which has encouraged her to be consistent in healthy living. She coaches others with that same passion and hopes that each individual she trains makes consistent lifestyle changes to be better.


Dr. Eric Richards, Co-Owner

ericEric is passionate about healthy living.  He has been CrossFitting since 2006, co-owns three other CrossFit Gyms (Garage, Silos and Towne Lake), is the founder of The Garage Games and The Fire Breather Challenge.

He is a Maximized Living Chiropractor and owns HealthSprout Chropractic and Wellness. Eric is also a devoted husband to Laura and very-involved father to daughters, Brooke and Ansley.


Joe Drury, Coach

I got a Medal
Joe is a software engineer, husband, and father of three. He was an athlete in High School but by the time he turned 40 in February 2012 he had packed on 50 pounds and was living a sedentary lifestyle. Concerned about how his lifestyle was affecting his family, he took matters into his own hands and began CrossFit in May 2012.

After 4 months of doing CrossFit his ekg and respiratory responses were that of a sprinter and none of the markers in his blood work indicated a need for medication. Now Joe enjoys CrossFit with his son and wife, making them a dedicated CrossFit family.


Les White, Co-Owner

les crossfitLes began his CrossFit journey in 2012 after being diagnosed with diverticulitis. He has embraced a healthy lifestyle that has changed his body and his entire family’s lifestyle!

Les is an entrepreneur at heart. He’s done everything from church work to roofing and is now excited to be a part of CrossFit BridgeMill.

He’s become officially addicted to CrossFit and loves the community he’s found there. He can’t wait to get his wife, Amanda involved and is already leading WODs with his two children, Lydia and Asa.


Francisco Molina, Coach

Francisco loves to encourage athletes when he’s not pushing himself to achieve his next PR. Yes! He can do muscle ups and Yes! he will smile as he passes you in any running WOD that comes up. He has a passion for CrossFit and wants everyone to live life to their full potential.