PK WOD 1.12.16

CrossFit Bridgemill – POWER Kids

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Power Kids Shuttle Runs (No Measure)

Set up 3 cones at different distances with varying weight med balls. First person retrieves the balls from all 3 cones and the second person returns them and so on .

Powers Kids Rope (No Measure)

Jump Rope 3 Min

3 rounds

10 jumping squats

10 mountain climbers

10 sit ups

Hang Clean (5 min EMOM x 5)

PK The Baker’s Dozen (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

The Baker’s Dozen

13 Minutes of:

13 Wall Ball Squats

13 Push-ups

13 Sit-ups

13 Jumping Lunges

13 Step Ups

Cool Down