CrossFit Bridgemill – POWER Kids

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POWER Kids Warm-up (No Measure)

bear crawl down

3 cartwheels

10 mountain climbers

10 squats

karaoke down and back

side shuffle down and back

Repeat 3x
Done as a relay

Skill Review

Lunges and Deadlifts

PK Broads and Deads (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15m Broad jump

5 knee ups

10 Lunges

10 Deadlifts


Partner Ball Toss- Athletes partner up, with a med ball or playground ball, athletes chest pass the ball to each other while standing on one leg. Try to see how many throws you get on that leg, then switch.

Four Corner Drill- 4 cones in a square shape with tennis balls on top. Athlete stands in the middle of the square and when told to go, retrieves the balls from the cones as fast as he/she can. Once all the balls are in the middle of the square the athlete then returns the balls to the top of the cones to end the drill.


Cool Down