Want your kids to join this healthy lifestyle of yours? (Or start off better than you did?!)

Unlike other programs that use long duration, repetitive effort to try to improve fitness…CrossFit focuses on building these skills in our youth athletes through short duration high intensity training.

Each class consists of:

SKILL WORK (developing skills in athletic movement)

WORKOUT (intense effort, primarily body weight movements, done “for time”)

GAMES (utilize skills and techniques learned in an intense yet fun game)


Coaches Shana Garret and Hope Smith are CrossFit coaches, moms and athletes. They will guide your child through the techniques that build these major tenets in athletic skills. They won’t push your child to the brink, the nature of CrossFit will coax that out of them comfortably and with motivation and inspiration.

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Class Times:

Monday & Wednesday: 3:30pm
Homeschool Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 1:00pm


First Child: 1/week: $50/month 2x/week: $80/month
Second Child: 1x/week: $40  2x/week: $60/month
Additional Children: 1x/week: $30/month 2x/week: $40/month

Contact info@crossfitbridgemill to register or for more information