WOD 10.22.16

CrossFit Bridgemill – CrossFit

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Screwed by the Sprint (Time)

Partner up –

Line up your fastest partner at the running start line. Sprint an approximate 100M in the parking lot – coaches call, can be any direction he/she chooses. The order of your finish, is the order of your sandbag carry. The sprint is not in the WOD time. It is a prelude.

You will carry the HEAVY sandbag 400M during the WOD, but each team carries in the order you finished the sprint. Men = HEAVY bag, Women = one less insert HEAVY. Pick teams wisely.

As soon as the bag returns from the prior carry, the next team MUST drop everything to start their horrible, terrible, 400M carry.

Meanwhile, accomplish these tasks. If you complete the WOD, but have not carried the sandbag, you must wait it out til the sandbag returns.

This is in order (one athlete at a time):

300 Double Unders or 750 Singles (both RX)

100 Sit-ups

100 Box Jumps/steps 20″ both genders

100 KB Swings 55/35

100 Wall Balls 20/14

50 Burpees

50 Barbell Complex (95/65):

2 SDLHP, 2 PC, 2 S2O, 2 Back Squat = 1 rep

40 Minute Cap!

Note – if you get stuck carrying the bag towards the end, your partner is going to get stuck with burpees or barbells with no help = brutal.