WOD 10.25.16

CrossFit Bridgemill – CrossFit

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Tabata Klokov (4 Rounds for reps)

Tabata – 2 minutes each :

Snatch Grip DL (50% 1RM DL)

Snatch grip Hang High Pull (50% 1RM Snatch)

Behind the neck Push Press (50% 1RM push press)

GHD Back Extensions holding a plate to your chest, 45/25/15/10 are all options for RX.

Take ONE 30 second cycle in between each movement to change barbell.

Stagger starting position to prep GHD opportunity.

Score each movement as a round.
Rest exactly 8 Minutes between WOD’s.

Run then Wall Balls (Weight)

8 Minute Clock –

Run 400M then :

Wall Balls for total load. Pick whatever ball weight you want, and perform wall balls for remaining time. Score is the total load moved.

Cool Down