WOD 2.25.16

CrossFit Bridgemill – CrossFit

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Pull and Jerk Complex (3 X 2 – escalate load if comfortable)

3 Dead-lift

2 Hang Squat Clean

1 Jerk
Each set is 12 lifts, 6 then drop the jerk, then 6 more. Double Overhand Grip on the DL.


You are welcome to make up a WOD from earlier in the week if you prefer.

OPEN Safety Zone (Time)

400M Row at 70% Rest 2 minutes with easy rowing

400M Row at 80% Rest 2 minutes with easy rowing

5 Strict Pull-ups EMOM 5 minutes

(manage soreness based on effort and your abilities)

Row 400M at 90%

This is a controlled WOD, don’t push for a faster time, but plan to move methodically through the WOD.

Cool Down