WOD – 2.27.16

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Partner Rowing/DL Murph (Time)

2015 CF Games – Murph DL Partner

Teams of 2, While One is rowing 400M, the other has to move through a ladder of Dead-lifts, start with 5 lifts at 135/95, 10 lifts at 225/135, 15 lifts at 275/165

Once both members are done, begin taking turns accomplishing

100 pull-ups, once they are complete, 200 push-ups, and once those are complete,

300 squats

Once done, together they will do 5 Dead-lifts at 275/165, 10 dead-lifts at 225/135, 15 dead-lifts at 135/95

Time is called at the last dead-lift.

Partners can work at the same time, and the rower can help when they get done with the 400 on the DL’s.
Scale as needed