WOD 5.2.16

CrossFit Bridgemill – CrossFit

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Back Lever (multiple attempts, record the one best)

Back lever holds – https://youtu.be/HXaG8mJmSnU


2016 Masters Tour Couplet (Time)

9-6-12-3-18 :

ANY Squat and Shoulder to Overhead (barbell from the floor)

Transitional reps can be thruster FROM THE FRONT only.

The ANY squat means you can position the barbell in a back squat position for any of the squat reps, but it must be returned to the front for the shoulder to overhead.

RX + = 135/95 (RX weight for 35-39)

RX = 115/75 (RX weight for 40-49)

RX – = 95/65 (click RX add load in notes, this will be RX weight for 50+)

Cash Out

30 Hang Power Cleans (Time)

30 – HPC 95#/65# Sprint

RX + = 115#/75#

Cool Down