WOD 6.6.15

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Protect Your Partner (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner up, note RX+ is a different time as well as distance and reps per round.

RX = 20 Minutes, RX+ = 30 Minutes

While one partner runs/walks a 400M with a SLAM BALL – 30#/20#, the other will perform:

20 Wall Balls (20/14) and 20 Burpees (AMRAP style, this is what is scored, always pick up where your partner left off)

If the partner in the gym does not complete one full round by the time the runner comes back, OR if the runner takes more than 3 Minutes to complete (be sure to check the time and use the honor code), then the team has to do 10 penalty push-ups each.

(RX + = 25 penalty pull-ups)

Work only happens when a teammate is on the “Timed” run.

RX + = 800M Run and 4.5 minutes to accomplish, and the work is double the wall balls and burpees (40/40) But can Partition.