WOD 7.15.15

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Summer Camp III (Time)

Relay Day – 24 Rounds of 100 Farmers Carry – 2 – 1.5/1.0 pood KB, 20 Good Mornings (no weight), 10 Ring Dips, 5 Pull-ups.

All teams of 3-4 do 24 rounds, 2 members do 18 rounds, and 1 does 12 rounds.

First person goes, then the second person goes as soon as the 20 Good Mornings are done. Always follow the person in front of you as soon as the good mornings are done, but you cannot pass them – you have to stay behind them. Organize and order your team wisely, once you start, you stay in that order.

Cash Out

Deficit Dead-lift (2 X 10 once warm. NOT MAX LOAD)

stand on a 45# plate and work up cautiously.

Cool Down